Economic Research

We deliver high quality research to both the public and private sectors. Whether it’s market or employee research, customer insights or impact assessments, we have the capacity to take on and deliver the largest and the smallest projects to the highest standards

Politics, policy and regulation have the power to knock you off course or to open up new opportunities. While entering new markets, developing growth and expansion strategies, companies need to monitor opportunities, sectors, legislative trends, changing regulation and evolving government policy. We combine academic rigor and real world experience to help leaders understand their markets and address issues related to competition, regulation and public policy through our various product offerings.


We help organizational leaders in business, public and social sectors demonstrate the value they have created beyond the bottom line by developing a solid narrative of their economic and social contributions.We use advanced economic methods - including the input-output models and the Social Return on Investments (SROI) methodology - to produce comprehensive sets of directs, indirect and induced impacts at the firm and industry level as well as discrete investment programmes and projects.Thought leadership: We establish our clients as thought leaders through robust research and analysis of issues pertinent to them to shape debate or position their brands as experts in their field. Our analyses and reports shape government policy debates and help companies get their opinions to parliamentarians, bureaucrats and the media.


We study the impact of policy and regulations that affectour clients to help them respond effectively. We are experts at helping our clients understand how public policy changes will affect their industry or company. We provide analysis and summaries of policy documents – Acts of Parliament, Bills, green and white papers – boiling down lengthy, often highly complex, almost incomprehensible documents into a short report with specific analysis on how your organisation will be affected.We provide specialist policy knowledge and institutional knowledge and work closely with government staff and stakeholder groups to create better policies.


We provide reliable insight and political intelligence about public policy developments at National and County levels of government throughout Kenya, which is critical formulating an integrated public affairs strategy which will ultimately deliver your objectives. Our monitoring service provides advance warning of activity ensuring you have early input into the policy making process and also advises you on what the implications are and how you can promote your interests.


We help clients assess their exposure to political risk by providing intelligence and analysis on politics and regulation in Kenya. We gather information on and assess risks from regulation, politics, security that can affect investment outcomes.


We conduct extensive research on key sector such as hospitality, creative sector and many more, bringing in holistic analysis on an array of determinants/metrics including the nature of an industry, its size, its significance, market segments, growth drivers,the competitive landscape, business Environment, regulatory framework etc. We conduct detailed background research and collect primary data through direct interactions with relevant stakeholders and build bespoke analytical models to enable us generate deep and original insights on the industry.